Women empowerment project

By Nonceba Ndukula

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Mama Cash!

The basic human rights of women and other groups are still severely violated around the world. Girls are being exploited in the garment industry. Indigenous women who stand up to the powerful companies that destroy their environments are threatened. Sex workers must contend with sexual violence, police brutality and a whole bunch of prejudices. Women with disabilities are forced to undergo sterilisation. And transgender people are discriminated against in the labour market.

Mama Cash supports women, girls, transgender and intersex people who stand up for their rights. We support groups that are not content to simply wipe up the blood, but who dare to dream big, dare to protest loudly and dare to act radically. Activists who take matters into their own hands in order to claim their right to a good life, free from violence, exclusion and oppression. Activists who work towards essential and sustainable changes that will lead to a more just society for everyone around them.

I want to show these women jthat they are not alone. Not only by donating money myself, but also by asking my network to do so. Every little bit helps, and together we can really make a difference. Will you help? Thank you!


Saturday 30th May 10:00 - 18:00
Orlando East Soweto

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