Get active

Does your bucket list include climbing a mountain, running a marathon or taking part in a triathlon? Or do you prefer slowly wandering through forests and meadows? All types of exercise are healthy, so it doesn't really matter what kind of sport you do. And if you challenge yourself a little, your friends and family will likely want to sponsor you and support Mama Cash!

We would be very grateful if you would get moving for us. When you sign up for 'get moving' below you can create your own action page to show your friends, family and colleagues the physical challenge you have set for yourself. You can easily share your action page online via social media or by e-mail.

Once you start your action, Mama Cash will mail you a starter pack that includes these sporty laces to complete your outfit! If you set a good example yourself and make a donation of €20, we will also send you 10 pink 'feminist with a to-do list' notebooks that you can give to your first 10 donors in exchange of a donation of €10 per booklet.